Gemdale Management

Gemdale Group Development Management Company is a holding subsidiary of Gemdale Group (600383.SH), headquartered in Shenzhen, and specializes in providing agent construction services for the clients nationwide. In 2006, Gemdale undertook Shenzhen's first office building project commissioned by the government, “Futian Science and Technology Plaza”, marking the first time that Gemdale entered the field of agent construction. Through 12 years of business accumulation, Gemdale Group formally took strategic measures to further develop the field of agent construction, and established Gemdale Group Development Management Company in 2018.
Relying on the nationalized layout and rich development experience of Gemdale, Gemdale Group Development Management Company can provide four major types of business including management consulting, development agent construction, capital allocation agent construction and government agent construction. The revenue of agent construction mainly consists of brand usage fee, agent construction management fee and business target excess reward.

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