Sports Operation

Established in 2010, Gemdale Sports is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gemdale Group. With tennis as its main business platform, Grandale has a thorough understanding of the culture and industrial concepts in the field of international tennis, and is committed to the commercialization of China's sports industry for a long time. After nearly ten years of development, Grandale Sports has formed four industrial clusters of “Event Management”, “Player Agency Management”, “Sports Complex and Venue Management” and “Club Platform Management”. Through the synergy of the four major industrial clusters, Grandale hopes to create a closed loop in the vertical industry chain of tennis, promote the development of the tennis industry in China, and aspire to become China's most valuable international sports enterprise. In January 2018, Gemdale successfully won the right to host the 2019-2028 WTA Finals on behalf of Shenzhen. Gemdale has continuously fulfilled its commitment to revitalize China's tennis industry with its professionalism and strength.

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