Gemdale leads the buy-a-home-online trend by inaugurating sales and marketing of its real estate projects in five regions via e-commerce platform

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“Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center” was officially launched

On 14 July 2012, Gemdale launched an eye-catching publicity of “Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center” through cooperating with an online real estate agency platform –, setting off a first wave of real estate e-commerce in the five major cities of its business regions - namely, South China region, North China region, Central China region and East China region. “Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center” is also the first e-commerce platform by domestic leading real estate enterprises which targets high-end home buyers and covers all projects in its regional markets.

Soon after the inauguration of “Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center”, Gemdale organized a series of marketing campaigns and offered various unprecedented price preferences through such means as online auction, sec-kill sales and group purchasing for homes at a number of high-quality real estate projects in Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai, including properties in its Four Series Products such as“Brown Stone” and “Eminence”. These preferential treatments have allowed our customers to feast on online purchasing.

“Gemdale’s e-commerce platform is a step forward from the e-commerce trial of other real estate enterprises”, said project leader of the Shenzhen Leju Project,”this online center is the first domestic e-commerce platform which focuses on the needs of high-end customers and are with clearer positioning and easier to operate.”

Gemdale leads the trend of purchasing from potential buyers with rigid demand for high quality homes

Subtle changes have occurred in the real estate market since the beginning of 2012. Firstly, the People’s Bank of China lowered the deposit reserve ratio twice in February and May respectively. Following that, the Central Bank announced interest rate cuts on 7 June and 5 July, which not only lightens the burden of home buyers on mortgage loans, but also reduces corporate financial costs.

Under such environment, buyers with rigid demand who are sensitive to home prices and interest rates began to rush into the real estate market, creating a nationwide transaction wave and marking a turning point for nearly all rigid-demand real estate projects. Meanwhile, it is not an easy task for all domestic developers to quickly satisfy the booming basic needs, especially those with rigid demand for high quality homes.

Based on its long-term pursuit of high quality products and its intrinsic advantages, Gemdale Group took the right time to target the riche market which mainly caters to buyers with rigid demand for high quality homes and its campaigns won encouraging market respond in 2012. According to our statistics, the number of contractual sales of housing units for Nanjing Zizaicheng and Hangzhou Zizaicheng (both targeting buyers with rigid demand for high quality homes) in the first half of 2012 reached over 1,000 and that for Beijing Langyue in June amounted to more than 110.

”This type of home buyers, despite with rigid demand, are not anxious to buy substandard home, but want a perfect home at one go. They would rather wait with cash in hand than haste to choose an unsatisfactory property or apartment type. Though all home buyers present and before are with rigid demand, however, the buyers nowadays have higher requirements for good quality,” said Mr. Huang, an expert in secondary market of Shenzhen Centaline Property Agency Ltd., to the reporter during an interview.

Experts inside the industry are of the view that pricing strategy is not the only factor that determines the success of sales of housing projects. The real estate market has changed from enthusiastic pursuit of low price to rational choice of high quality and suitable price. In view of this, a real estate developer should adjust its product strategy in appropriate time so as to keep up with the needs of such consumer group that consists of a good number of rigid-demand home buyers.

As a matter of fact, in the first half of the year, Gemdale Group has launched several property presales to satisfy the desire of rigid-demand home buyers. It is reported that the representative housing products among Gemdale’s Eminence Series and Brown Stone Series (both being one of the Four Series), such as Beijing Langyue, Wuhan Yijing and Shenzhen Mingfeng, are designed to meet the needs of rigid-demand home buyers and home improvement buyers.

Nationwide e-commerce platform: Gemdale’s marketing online is fully underway

Gemdale’s first waves of this new online purchasing trend covered 6 projects including Shenzhen Mingfeng, Beijing Lnagyue, Wuan Yijing, Wuhan Lanfeixi Riverbank, Hangzhou Zizaicheng Apartment and Shanghai Huayinian Apartment in 5 cities, which led the nation into a home purchasing online era amid a favourable environment of property recovery in the second half of the year.

The e-commerce platform, which covers almost each of Gemdale’s business regions, comprises four sections, namely: “Discount”, “Group Purchasing”, “New Project Introduction” and “Masterpiece Recommendation”. There are also? hyperlinks to housing resources such as “Special Offer”, “Buyout Price”, and? ”Free Gift for Visitors”. The webpage design is simple and clear, allowing web browsers to learn housing resources and ways of participation at the first time and buy a home just by clicking a mouse.

To support rigid-demand home buyers, on top of offering much lower home prices, “Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center” also offers three preferential treatments to the registered browsers, including “weekly lucky draw opportunity for successful registered browsers of Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center, a RMB100 mobile phone fee coupon for every 100 registered browsers and RMB10,000 gold gift for the first home buyer”.

“Register / Login , pay security deposits , participate in purchasing/leasing, purchasing succeeded” , just like the process of buying clothes at Taobao,? the process of buying a home at Gemdale e-commerce platform is simple and convenient.

For homebuyers, it is easier to get access to all housing information of the projects newly launched for sale on Gemdale’s e-commerce platform. Apart from this, online transaction reduces much cost as compared with that of offline transaction and allows customers to enjoy the process of home purchasing. For real estate developers, online marketing/sale is easier and more convenient to run.

E-commerce platform has an advantage of transacting in a fair and open system that traditional transactions do not have. For example, all housing resources are offered for sale at the same e-commerce platform, thus ensuring all transactions are fair and open and that each home buyer has equal opportunity, therefore realizing transaction transparency. As for making payment, all home purchasing processes, including choosing a home, paying a deposit and finishing home purchasing, are carried out at a payment platform operated by a third-party, hence guarantee the security of home buyers’ fund.

According to the person in charge of the real estate portal,the e-commerce platform will serve as a tool for issuing information and mutual communication between real estate developers and home buyers. Positioned as an online purchasing center for rigid-demand home buyers across the nation, Gemdale GO Buy-a-Home Online Center has created a new marketing mode and highlighted its important role as a leading enterprise in the real estate industry.

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