China Chic to the World - Grand Debut of China Chic in Ancient Chinese Capital Nanjing

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On the evening of September 6, Fairmont Nanjing located near Nanjing Olympic Sports Center ushered in a breeze of the neo-orientalism of Gemdale – a press conference of the China Chic series. The top-level project of Gemdale in Nanjing Gemdale Plaza – China Chic was officially unveiled in the public, which was also the debut of the China Chic series in Nanjing.

Mr. Yang Kan, Vice President of Gemdale and Chairman of Gemdale RE East China, Ms. Zhu Zheng, General Manager of Gemdale Product R&D Department and Mr. Ye Zhaoyan, a mater in China’s cultural circles and a famous author, were present at the press conference. Witnessed by more than 700 guests from music and fashion circles and over 60 mainstream medias, this huge event of China Chic unveiled a shocking clash and integration between the Chinese and Western culture Nanjing.

No more complexity, the Gemdale Plaza – China Chic in Nanjing refines and restructures traditional elements into the construction of doors, windows, corridors, courts, bricks, tiles, stones and woods, and adopts modern materials and techniques to integrate traditionalism into modernism. The concept of “three islands in one lake” represents the re-design of the Eastern aesthetics and the recurrence of urban culture in Nanjing, and develops an unprecedented and unique charm and chic. From refined decoration to intelligence, modern technologies are converged into the Eastern Zen life to build the first super-smart Jarvis system in Nanjing and introduce a smart life equivalent to that of villa experience to Nanjing. It is not only the renaissance of the Eastern style, but also a bridging to the international housing trend. Injecting the traditional Chinese beauty, style and essence into the architectural culture is right the original intention of Gemdale in building the China Chic. Buildings are not just for residing any more, but represent as well life choices of fashion and aesthetics and shall be human oriented. The China Chic series represent the spark when traditionalism collides with modernism, the crystallization when culture encounters fashion, and the return of humanism.?

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