Gemdale Culture
Mission: The Science of Living

Science is a developing idea that respects laws, an inclusive value concept, an attitude for endless improvement and a behavioral habit for ultimate perfection.
The essence of science starts from caring for the needs of human nature. Therefore, we believe that scientific management structure and development model would be powerful pillars for Gemdale industry.
 With scientific guidance and applying scientific tools, methods and prospects, Gemdale shall be devoting to endless perfection and pursuit of the ideal life.

Vision:Becoming the Most Valuable International Company in China

With international envision and standard, create values, provide excellent products and services for clients,
offer broad room of career development for employees, bring steady profits for shareholders and partners and contribute to the society.

Core Values: Work devotedly and be with integrity. Be enterprising and never stop dreaming.
Organizational Behavioral Concepts:
Development Concept

Development is priority./ Development is the core principle.
Performance determines values, and competition decides survival.
Seek new development from innovation, great development from openness and forever development from unification.

Client Concept

Customer are the source of development.
Customer satisfaction is the ultimate standard of inspection work.
Customer value determines resource distribution.
Every Gemdale employee shall be Customer manager.

Talent Concept

Talent cultivation is more important than constructing a building.
Advocate performance, and the fittest survives.
Value integrity and ability; bring strong suit to the fullest.
Be brave and responsible.
We are shaping the most valuable management experts.

Codes of Conduct for Employees

Progress: Higher, faster, and brave.
Responsibility: Things start with me end with me./ When assignment comes to me, I will take charge.
Initiative: Take the initiative and miss out on nothing.
Cooperation: Team-work and cooperate for mutual benefits.
Trust.:Be honest, confident and trust each other.
Complying with rules: Act on command and conduct no bans. Be responsible for violations.

Training System

  • Leader management
    Class of position: 1-9
    Leadership program

    Cultivate leaders to lead group and business development

  • Elite tier
    Class of position: 9-11
    Pioneer program

    Cultivate as the integrated management leader and the cornerstone of business development.

  • Catching-up tier
    Class of position: 12-16
    Catching-up cultivation

    Cultivate as the integrated junior management and the cornerstone of business development.

  • Newcomer tier
    Class of position: 17-19
    Newcomer cultivation

    Cultivate experts in business work

  • Other
    Class of position: 20-23
    Golden Eagle Program

    Cultivate undergraduates as professional backbones and management reserve.

Golden Eagle Program

Since 2003, Gemdale has operated the “Golden Eagle Program” for the recruitment and training of fresh graduates for 17 sessions. The Golden Eagle Training Program covers a total of seven racing points in a three-year training cycle. Each racing point has clear growth points and growth assessment rules, so that these ambitious young talents can grow faster, realize their ideals and ambitions in the career development, and become the man of tremendous promise of Gemdale and Chinese enterprises.

Voyage Program

The MBA Voyage Program is a training program tailored by the Gemdale Group and Sun Yat-Sen University for the key employees, aiming to improve the professional management ability and general management ability of the employees, and to create more valuable management experts for Gemdale and the society. The voyage course is set referring to the MBA course of Sun Yat-Sen University, taught by senior professors of Sun Yat-Sen University. Each period of training lasts for two and a half years. By the end of 2018, the four periods of training class have trained a total of 200 management cadres for Gemdale.

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